SMS Marketing Services for Bars

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SMS Marketing Services for BarsText message marketing for bars is growing in popularity in Seattle as more and more consumers use their smart phones to look for local nightlife venues. With SMS marketing services being one of the most affordable options for high-ROI advertising, a text message marketing campaign is simple to launch and highly effective for bars of all types.

Whether your target customer is early to mid-twenties or a more mature crowd, SMS marketing for bars works for all market segments. The majority of smart phone owners are age 24 and up and are in the higher income brackets, meaning they have more disposable income to spend – if you can reach them and entice them to come to your establishment.

SMS marketing companies are able to set up an SMS marketing service for your bar rapidly and affordably. Bulk SMS marketing can also be set up and managed by bar owners for themselves by using low cost SMS marketing software. Whether you decide to run your SMS marketing on your own or with the help of SMS marketing companies, text message marketing for bars is the go-to marketing strategy to reach more potential customers and improve your bottom line.

Bars are using SMS marketing services to engage regular customers and expand their brand to new customers. SMS marketing for bars is simple to implement – with a few well-placed signs, a link on your website and in-bar promotions to entice opt-ins, you start accumulating mobile numbers for your bulk SMS marketing list right away.

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To encourage opt-ins to their SMS marketing service, bars offer drink specials, free or reduced cover charges, t-shirts and a myriad of other options. There’s really no limit to what you can offer to promote your opt-in initiative for your SMS marketing service, but bars that do offer an incentive in exchange for an opt-in see higher sign-up and lower opt-out rates.

Once you have set up your SMS marketing software or hired SMS marketing companies with their own SMS marketing software and built a base of opt-in subscribers, you are ready to launch text message marketing for bars. If you aren’t interested in managing your own SMS marketing program, consider a firm such as, one of the best text message marketing providers for bars, to help you launch your program.

Different bars run promotions to meet various needs. You may have slow nights you want to see turn around, a special event or a new product offering you want to promote. Bulk SMS marketing is perfect for any of these and almost any other marketing scenario you can think of – by crafting an exciting, relevant offer, your text message marketing campaign can begin bringing in foot traffic within minutes after you send an SMS marketing message.

Suppose your bar is having a slow Tuesday and you need to fill some seats or close up for the night – crafting a quick SMS marketing message offering 2 for 1 Tuesday drinks from 7-11 pm will have customers stopping by. People are always on the go – smart phones in hand – and read 97% of their texts within minutes. A discount this good will encourage people to come in to take advantage and as bars are social venues, you can give them the option to text-to-share the discount with friends to bring in even more traffic.

Any advertising goal you have can be realized through a well-crafted text message marketing campaign. Both long-term goals, such as a specific percentage increase in revenues, as well as short-term goals, such as bringing in 25% more customers on your slowest night, are achievable using SMS marketing services.

If you are unsure how to start a program of text message marketing for bars, consider trying a free trial with one of the best SMS marketing firms, Trumpia to see how easy, affordable and effective SMS marketing for bars can be.



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Young people love to get new deals through there phones especially when it is for something fun and enjoyable that they will not have to break there pockets just to enjoy a fun evening out at a bar.