Restaurant Mobile Marketing

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Restaurant Mobile Marketing

Restaurant mobile marketing is an important part of any restaurant marketing strategy in Seattle, especially if you want your restaurant to be viable with today’s technology-savvy consumer. Mobile marketing reaches the many U.S. consumers who are already using mobile to connect to the internet, and those numbers of consumers are only growing every year.

Any restaurant’s marketing strategy should take advantage of the fact that more and more consumers are using smartphones to find them. But they should also be aware that mobile consumers are not only using smartphones—some are accessing the internet and searching for local businesses with iPads and other tablets.

With the variations in screen sizes, browsers and platforms among mobile devices, restaurants that optimize their mobile strategy for all sorts of mobile devices do better.

An interesting fact about mobile marketing is that 70% of mobile consumers are using their device while actually in the store. Another 74% of those are making a purchase after using their mobile device in-store.

Restaurants can take advantage of this point also, by considering what marketing materials are visible to patrons in the restaurant. For example, do you patrons in the restaurant know that you have a Facebook page, and that they can get deals by “liking” your page? If not, consider placing the Facebook logo around the restaurant, such as on signage or on the menu. Patrons who then use their device to go to your Facebook page will be rewarded by receiving a coupon or promotion.

Restaurant Marketing Training Seattle

Have you tried searching for your restaurant on the internet? Even if you are found easily via a desktop connection, you may not be found at all through mobile. Google treats desktop searches and mobile searches differently, so it important to be sure your restaurant has a place on both.

If your restaurant is not easy to find with a mobile search, statistics show that 30% of potential diners won’t be able to find you. If they can’t find you, that is business that you have lost.

If you have a mobile website and you are found easily through a Google search, there are some additional points to consider to be sure you are reaching your customers and providing them the information that they want. Potential diners want some important information from any restaurant’s mobile website.

That information includes driving directions, what hours you are open, information about your menu, and your phone number. A click-to-call number takes that information a step further, making it very easy for your customers to contact you with any additional questions they may have.

Dudamobile is a great online resource for restaurants. If you don’t yet have a mobile website, you need one, and Dudamobile can help you get one. Dudamobile boasts an easy one-click conversion. This means that with just one click, Dudamobile can convert your existing website and optimize it for mobile viewing. If, however, you would like to customize your mobile website apart from your regular website, Dudamobile will do that too. If your marketing budget is tight, it’s good to keep in mind that the one-click conversion is both easy and free.



Seattle Washington Mobile Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Restaurants in Seattle should start to implement mobile marketing strategies such as:

  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

There are quite a few of mobile marketing companies in Seattle, however before you decide on a mobile marketing strategy, Sign up for our FREE mobile marketing training below.

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Paul Callington December 23, 2012 at 11:54 am

I was considering the idea of converting my website for mobile viewing as well.I never considered the fact about the different mobile browsers or the screen size.Those were some big points for small business owners like me.I never knew that the searches over desktop and mobile would be treated differently.Is there some strategy of being in the top of searches for mobile searches as well? But then great article.Appreciate you valuable suggestions!

Michael Armstrong December 24, 2012 at 1:56 am

Thanks Paul for your comment. There is such a thing as mobile SEO. Replying to your comment isnt the best place to start talking about mobile seo because it is quite a detailed topic.

For business owners its normally best to leave the technology to the tech people so you can focus on building your business. With this in mind, take a look at and Octomobi. Both of these companies are mobile website experts and can also get your mobile SEO in gear.

Adam Blitz December 28, 2012 at 1:39 am

Nice Article. I was wondering if my website could be location aware. I mean if i just convert my desktop website using the dudamobile i would not be able to leverage the power of location awareness which is the most exciting thing about having a mobile presence. Now if i wanted a mobile site that would act differently when visited from different location(for example of someone visits my site from near me i could show them available tables or menus and deals and if somebody visits from far we could put emphasis on the home delivery service we provide) what would you suggest that i should do? Thank you.

Michael Armstrong December 28, 2012 at 7:23 am

Adam, Having a mobile optimized website for your restaurant is a very important aspect of a complete mobile marketing strategy. The questions you asked are really not possible with mobile websites, however, what you might be interested in is a mobile app for your restaurant. Mobile apps are location aware and you can be very creative and do thinks like send a in app notification if someone is near your restaurant.