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by Michael Armstrong

How to Find a Mobile Website Designer for Your Church

Mobile Websites for Churches in Seattle – Design a Mobile Site for your Church

You’ve probably noticed that it’s not just teenagers in tapping out texts on their mobile phones anymore – more and more adults are toting smartphones they use to check out mobile friendly websites, including religious sites. By developing a mobile friendly website to engage your flock, you can deepen your relationship with them while encouraging new people to find and enjoy your church services.

Have you ever looked at your church’s standard website on a mobile device or smartphone? How does it look? Does it render (appear) properly? How fast does it load? Can you use the navigation functions or are they too small to be usable?

Most churches are on a strict budget these days, but the good news is that hiring a mobile website designer does not have to be costly. You can easily outsource mobile website development using one of the top outsourcing websites such as Odesk or Elance to find an affordable mobile website designer.

Another alternative for developing a mobile friendly website for your church is to ask for a volunteer from among the more tech-savvy of your flock. Anyone with basic web skills can use a low-cost or free mobile website builder to translate your standard website to a mobile one. You may even want to try an online mobile website builder for yourself to see how easy it is to use.

If you find a mobile website builder is too complicated for you and you can’t find a volunteer among the worshippers at your church, outsourcing mobile website design will probably be your best alternative. In order to find a mobile website designer using one of the recommended providers – oDesk or eLance – you first need to know what you want.

Think about what information your parishioners want and need – they want to know:

  • Service dates and times
  • Events calendar
  • Contact information
  • Location of your church
  • How to interact with the church on social media

You want a simple interface – no flash or slow-loading hi-res graphics – that will get your flock to the information they need with the fewest number of clicks. You don’t need music or animation or any fancy options to create a mobile friendly website for your church. You need basic navigation that leads to the services and information wanted by your mobile-savvy flock.

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Once you have gathered the information you want to have on the site, you are ready to outsource mobile website development using Odesk or Elance. On either site, you just have to enter the basic project information to get started outsourcing mobile website design.

You’ll need to specify what you want, when you need it and what your requirements are – from there your project will be listed and you’ll get a great number of candidates vying for you to outsource mobile website development to them. You’ll get competitive quotes from a wide range of professional for you to choose from to complete your mobile website project for your church.

Once you accept a bid, your project should be completed within the requested timeline. When your mobile website is delivered, you’ll have a chance to make sure the work meets all of your requirements before you release the payment, which is held in escrow. This is a precaution to protect you when you are outsourcing mobile website design, so you can rest assured that you will get the work you need and at the price you negotiated.

Having mobile friendly websites will enable you to interact with your flock more efficiently and effectively and allow people new to the community to find your church and join you for worship services.



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