Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agencies

Mobile apps for RealitorsRealitors all over Seattle are starting to use mobile apps to build their business and having great success.

Mobile apps are being downloaded by the tens of thousands each day and are growing more popular as more and more people upgrade their cell phones to smart phones. More than 50% of mobile phones are now smart phones and consumers are eagerly downloading iPhone apps and Android apps from small businesses to inform, entertain or serve a function.

Mobile app development is one of the best ways for a realtor to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Whether you offer a “find your dream home” app or a “how to sell a property” your phone app, the best mobile apps are those that appeal to your target customer and promote your business either directly or indirectly.

Working with app developers, you can brainstorm and idea that will both appeal to your target consumer and be affordable to develop. Once you have a concept, it’s easy from there to dive into your idea with both iPhone apps and Android apps. Since both markets are growing rapidly, developing across both platforms will appeal to the widest range of customers.

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One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to get mobile apps for your real estate business is using a service such as Shoutem to create an app for you. They have plans starting as low as $20 per month for customer mobile app development. Other outsourcing options include Odesk or Elance to find app developers at extremely competitive rates around the world.

The best mobile apps are those that are:

Free – there are so many free iPhone apps and Android apps that people are hesitant to pay for any apps if they don’t have to

Entertain – people love using game apps to fill downtime and game apps can tie back to your real estate business directly or even indirectly.

Solve a Problem – people love apps that solve problems or fill a need in their life – for instance mobile flashlights and mobile measuring tapes are popular tools in apps form

Function – people dislike apps that freeze, malfunction or don’t run properly on their mobile device – so make sure your app developers are skilled

The mobile web is growing every day and equipping your real estate business to be competitive in the mobile arena makes good business sense. Mobile websites are considered mandatory by consumers and text marketing is the easiest way to build a digital rapport with a prospective buyer who’s busy and on the move. The next generation in mobile marketing is the mobile app.

The best mobile apps are those that will appeal to your target customer and will drive business to you. Mobile apps and other mobile marketing tools have been proven to accelerate the sales cycle and increase closing rates. With mobile app development now easier and more affordable than ever, what are you waiting for?

Using the mobile app resources like Shoutem you can easily, quickly and affordably develop a simple to use mobile app specifically designed for real estate agents like yourself. Remember that even with one additional property sold, you will quickly recover your time and investment while making yourself more popular with your current and future prospects.



Seattle Washington Mobile Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Real Estate Agents in Seattle should start to research mobile marketing strategies such as:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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