Mobile App or Mobile Website Infographic

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile app Mobile WebsiteThe long lasting debate has been, should I build a mobile app or should I build a mobile website?

There is no clear cut answer to this question.  It really depends upon your over all mobile marketing strategy.  Its quite possible that your business could need both a mobile website and a mobile app.

Recent mobile marketing statistics do show that consumers are spending more and more time using apps as compared to mobile websites but again, its up to you to determine your long term marketing goals and make a final determination that is a fit for your specific business.

Online Mobile Website Builders

Building a mobile website doesnt have to be a complicated process.  There are mobile website builders online that can have your new mobile website up and running quickly and at very little cost.

Online Mobile App Builders

There are also online mobile app builders that you can use to create a mobile app for your business.  Ive included a link below to an online mobile website builder as well as an online mobile app builder so you can see for yourself.

Should you Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website?

Mobile App Or Mobile Website Infographic

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Create a Mobile Website (Click Below)

Mobisit Build Free Mobile Site

Build a Mobile App (Click Below)

Build an App

Its up to you to decide the mobile app vs mobile website question.   You can always do both!

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