Health Club Mobile Text Marketing Ideas

by Michael Armstrong

There are over 29,000 health clubs and Gyms  in the United States today. With that much competition to deal with, creating a health club sms marketing strategy can be the key to putting your niche marketing strategy over the top.

Health Club Mobile Websites

Fitness health club mobileYou might be asking yourself if your health club needs a mobile website. While it may be true that the smaller health clubs out there don’t need that expansive a mobile text marketing plan, mobile websites could be the reason why you’re having the newest fitness fanatics in your community fighting over those treadmills.

There are several things you can do with a mobile website. If you want to keep your health club sms marketing plan simple, the site can be a mobile friendly version of the Internet website. If you want to get fancier, you can have a slick mobile website that has all the trimmings. You can include a virtual tour of your health club. You could have your health club’s trainers give complimentary workouts. The sky is the limit when it comes to mobile text marketing.

Free Health Club Mobile WebsiteHealth Clubs using QR Codes

You may not know what a QR code is, but you’ve probably seen them. They’re those black and white images that you scan with your mobile phone. These codes then take you to a mobile website where you get more information about the company’s services and products.

QR codes have been used by several health clubs in the United States and Canada. These images can be an effective way to utilize sms marketing strategies for your health club. You can have these codes take potential members to either your mobile website or a place where they can sign up for your bulk sms marketing list.

Once on this list, both new and old members can have access to discounts for signing up friends and family (or themselves). The great aspect of QR codes is that they’re a fun, creative way to introduce people to your facility. With one scan, sms mobile marketing can give your new customers an introduction to healthy living and a new lease on life all at the same time.

Creating a Health Club SMS Marketing Strategy

Health club SMS marketingComing up with a feasible mobile sms marketing plan doesn’t require an MBA from Wharton. Text message marketing companies exist for the sole purpose of helping you come up with a mobile text marketing plan that will get you known among your community’s health nuts.

Two such companies are Tatango and Trumpia. They both have created sms marketing software that can make mobile sms marketing a simple affair. Not convinced? Both Tatango and Trumpia offer free trial periods for their software that lasts anywhere from seven to thirty days. Some of these companies don’t even require a credit card during the sign up process.

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Free SMS Marketing Trial for Health ClubsFree SMS Marketing Trial for Health ClubsMobile text marketing doesn’t have to be a scary venture. You may choose to have a fancy, state of the art mobile website. You could also go in the other direction and operate a bare bones health club sms marketing list. Whatever your choice, incorporating health club sms marketing strategies into your facility’s budget could be a very smart move if done right.


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