The Digital and Physical Worlds Merge with QR Code Marketing

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Code GeneratorMobile marketing is on the rise, and rising with it is a particular type of marketing that blurs the boundaries between the digital and physical world. I give you – QR codes. These 2 dimensional bar codes are proving to be the catalyst of some of the most innovating and engaging marketing efforts to-date.

A recent survey by Strongmail found that, out of all those businesses that reported they used some form of mobile marketing, more than half were using QR codes. The reason is simple. They’ve already encountered massive success in Japan and their trip to the top in the rest of the world has begun.

QR Code Marketing – The Specs

What exactly are QR codes and what do they do? Well, QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes. Users scan them with their mobile phones by snapping a picture. Then, using a QR code reader (there are numerous applications that do this and they are all free) the code acts as a link to a mobile website. In a nutshell, users are able to access any variety or amount of information by simply taking a picture with their smartphone.

QR Code Marketing – Tips and Ideas

Here are just a few ways your business can utilize QR codes as a part of your mobile marketing strategy.

  • Add depth to print marketing materials – add a QR code to any of your traditional printed marketing materials to allow readers to access additional information.
  • Physical bookmarking – add QR codes to the packaging and labels of your products to allow users to “bookmark” their favorite goods. They can create wish lists and share these items with friends.
  • Link to other offers – use QR codes to encourage users to sign up for newsletters, mobile opt-in lists, contests etc. in exchange for mobile coupons and other promotions.
  • Location based advertising – utilize the location of QR codes to provide relevant information to customers. For example, QR codes in retail stores can link to sites that accurately display the items the store has in stock, or QR codes in mass transit terminals can link to up-to-date schedules.

How Your Business Can Begin Marketing with QR Codes

Mobile Scan QRcodesSites like Trumpia offer a variety of QR code related services. Create unique QR codes, monitor how many times they are used, and link them to engaging content. Trumpia makes it easy to create and manage an interactive QR code campaign that will connect you with your customers in ways never before possible.

Head over to Trumpia today and see how their QR code services can get you on the path to success.


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