Bulks SMS Marketing for Political Campaigns

by Michael Armstrong

Political Campaign SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS Marketing for Political Campaigns SeattleIf you want to run a cutting edge political campaign in Seattle, mobile marketing is a marketing strategy that must be used.

Ever since Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama successfully implemented bulk SMS marketing in his 2008 Presidential run, text message marketing for political campaigns has been increasingly used by both Democrat and Republican alike at the local, state and national levels to help gain and keep voter attention.

While other aspects of political campaign marketing are unwieldy and expensive, text message marketing is low-cost and easy to manage. SMS marketing software is cheap and easy to implement and use. If you want to make it even easier, you can outsource your SMS marketing campaign to text message marketing companies who can run it for you entirely.

To begin using text message marketing for political campaigns, you need a database of participants to reach out to. Political campaigns use causes or promotions to encourage opt-ins. You can offer an invite to a special event or a campaign t-shirt to get voters to opt-in and be part of your bulk SMS marketing program. Another way to get opt-ins is to promote a specific cause they can text to express support for – by using keywords such as GREEN (for the environment), SCHOOLS (for education) or LOWTAX (for taxes) you can get potential voters to opt-in and you’ll also know what their political hot buttons are to reach out to them more effectively.

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Text message marketing companies will also have other keyword suggestions for you to garner the most opt-ins for your text message marketing for political campaigns. Once you have a database, you can begin sending out text message marketing communications to keep the voters engaged and interested in your candidate.

If you manage your own program, you can use your SMS marketing software to send out your messages to drive specific actions. If you use text message marketing companies, they can help you construct short effective messages to get the actions you want from your voter database.

Some of the actions encouraged by a political SMS marketing campaign include:

Voter registration reminders – by reminding voters to register by deadlines, you can make sure none of your potential voters are disenfranchised

Campaign event reminders – by inviting voters to campaign events, you can keep them engaged with your candidate and interested in the process

Absentee ballot reminders – by reminding voters when mail-in ballots are due, you can make sure your candidate gets votes that would have been missed otherwise

Election day reminders – by reminding voters to show up at the polls, you can increase turnout and votes in favor of your candidate

More and more campaigns are seeing how effective bulk SMS marketing can be in engaging voters in the political process and keeping them interested in your candidate. Text message marketing can continue after your candidate is elected to thank voters for their support. Once your candidate is elected, voters become constituents and it is imperative to continue earning their support and trust.

An effective SMS marketing campaign, whether managed in-house using SMS marketing software or outsourced to text message marketing companies, can take you from the exploratory stages of a campaign through election and even re-election.



Seattle Mobile Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Political Campaigns in Seattle need to implement a mobile marketing strategy such as:

  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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