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Make money today by starting an SMS text marketing business.

Starting a text message marketing businessHere are the top 5 reasons to start Text Message Marketing Company:

  • Money – By selecting an SMS reseller or white label sms program you have very little overhead other than sales so it is easy to make money and keep the profits.
  • Market – Companies are looking for ways to reach customers.  With millions of cell phone users there is a captive audience for receiving mobile marketing messages.  Small business owners are getting into mobile sms marketing and looking for a text marketing company as a partner.
  • ROIText message marketing has a 90% open rate so businesses receive greater ROI through advertising this way over traditional methods like print or radio.
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SMS Text Marketing White Label Reseller ProgramsWe have worked with dozens of companies, that provide bulk SMS marketing white label programs.  As part of our ongoing text message marketing reviews we wanted to determine which companies have the most innovative features to offer their text message resellers. With the market growing every day due to the large number of SMS text message marketing resellers, every company is looking for an edge.

There is a lot of money to be made by being an SMS marketing reseller because there is no cost of developing the software, which other companies have already done. We looked at the content offered to the end user, the features, and the pricing of these programs. Continue Reading

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Mobile Code GeneratorMobile marketing is on the rise, and rising with it is a particular type of marketing that blurs the boundaries between the digital and physical world. I give you – QR codes. These 2 dimensional bar codes are proving to be the catalyst of some of the most innovating and engaging marketing efforts to-date.

A recent survey by Strongmail found that, out of all those businesses that reported they used some form of mobile marketing, more than half were using QR codes. The reason is simple. They’ve already encountered massive success in Japan and their trip to the top in the rest of the world has begun. Continue Reading

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Free Mobile Marketing Training Course

Free Mobile Marketing Training Course

We have launched a one-of-a-kind mobile marketing video training course for Seattle WA small business owners and you are invited to take part. Our training will show you how mobile marketing services can transform your marketing to be a lower cost, higher results program.

Sign Up Now!

As soon as you sign up for our training on mobile marketing, Seattle business owners can immediately access our first video on mobile marketing services. Seattle shoppers and diners love mobile text offers and our free course will show you how to develop relevant offers to entice your target customers. Continue Reading

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There are over 29,000 health clubs and Gyms  in the United States today. With that much competition to deal with, creating a health club sms marketing strategy can be the key to putting your niche marketing strategy over the top.

Health Club Mobile Websites

Fitness health club mobileYou might be asking yourself if your health club needs a mobile website. While it may be true that the smaller health clubs out there don’t need that expansive a mobile text marketing plan, mobile websites could be the reason why you’re having the newest fitness fanatics in your community fighting over those treadmills.

There are several things you can do with a mobile website. Continue Reading

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Trumpia Text Message Marketing Review


Trumpia Text Marketing PlanIf you are considering a mobile marketing company for your business, use the Trumpia Promo Code to get a free trial plan. After your trial offer, you will see just how effective Trumpia’s text message, coupon, and other SMS marketing strategies can be to grow your small business.

You will agree after using the Trumpia Promo Code that Trumpia’s SMS services are invaluable. In fact, you will wonder how in the world you got by without them! Remember the old days when you had to rely on word of mouth and actual paper coupons in order to spread the word and gain exposure for your business? Continue Reading

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