Retail Marketing StrategyRetail stores of all shapes and sizes are launching mobile marketing campaigns are integrating different forms of mobile marketing strategies into their marketing plans.

Even the old school retail marketing gurus are saying that mobile will change retail marketing forever.

Just like most new marketing strategies, the larger retailers are the first to get their hands dirty and prove that this new form of marketing drives retail sales and profitability.

What we are seeing now is that the middle market retailers and even the cutting edge small retail stores are not only taking advantage of mobile marketing strategies, but they are showing large returns on their investments in mobile. Continue Reading

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Make money today by starting an SMS text marketing business.

Starting a text message marketing businessHere are the top 5 reasons to start Text Message Marketing Company:

  • Money – By selecting an SMS reseller or white label sms program you have very little overhead other than sales so it is easy to make money and keep the profits.
  • Market – Companies are looking for ways to reach customers.  With millions of cell phone users there is a captive audience for receiving mobile marketing messages.  Small business owners are getting into mobile sms marketing and looking for a text marketing company as a partner.
  • ROIText message marketing has a 90% open rate so businesses receive greater ROI through advertising this way over traditional methods like print or radio.
  • Continue Reading

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Is your business taking advantage of email marketing as part of your overall marketing plan?

Email marketing strategies are changing rapidly and you need to make sure you are integrating mobile marketing into your email marketing plans.

Did you know that in the last 2 years email open rates on mobile phones has increased by over 300% and more emails are opened on mobile phones than on computers?  Do you know if your emails are mobile phone friendly emails?

If most people are opening your emails on their phones you need to make sure that your making things easy for your readers.  Continue Reading

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Mobile app Mobile WebsiteThe long lasting debate has been, should I build a mobile app or should I build a mobile website?

There is no clear cut answer to this question.  It really depends upon your over all mobile marketing strategy.  Its quite possible that your business could need both a mobile website and a mobile app.

Recent mobile marketing statistics do show that consumers are spending more and more time using apps as compared to mobile websites but again, its up to you to determine your long term marketing goals and make a final determination that is a fit for your specific business. Continue Reading

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SMS Text Marketing White Label Reseller ProgramsWe have worked with dozens of companies, that provide bulk SMS marketing white label programs.  As part of our ongoing text message marketing reviews we wanted to determine which companies have the most innovative features to offer their text message resellers. With the market growing every day due to the large number of SMS text message marketing resellers, every company is looking for an edge.

There is a lot of money to be made by being an SMS marketing reseller because there is no cost of developing the software, which other companies have already done. We looked at the content offered to the end user, the features, and the pricing of these programs. Continue Reading

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Mobile Code GeneratorMobile marketing is on the rise, and rising with it is a particular type of marketing that blurs the boundaries between the digital and physical world. I give you – QR codes. These 2 dimensional bar codes are proving to be the catalyst of some of the most innovating and engaging marketing efforts to-date.

A recent survey by Strongmail found that, out of all those businesses that reported they used some form of mobile marketing, more than half were using QR codes. The reason is simple. They’ve already encountered massive success in Japan and their trip to the top in the rest of the world has begun. Continue Reading

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